Jerry Kowalsky (*1972) is a dutch artist who creates large scale portraits and sculptures. His interest in the development of human social behavior and its values comes forth in the themes of his work. In „The incident at the flower shop” he questions the effects of Facebook using 150 profile pictures of his FB friends, in „We are born” he uses children portrait of famous and infamous people as they were still infants to compare them to see if there are signs of the direction they chose in their adult lives.

His artworks are, on the one hand touchingly beautiful, on the other hand (painfully) confronting. He likes to challenge the audience and leaves us orphaned with a mix of conflicting feelings and thoughts. His works are saturated with irony, mental inertia, clichés and bad jokes.
Kowalsky studied fine arts and sculpting at the Maastricht Art Academy. In 2001 he received a grant by the Mondriaan Foundation and started building his career in Amsterdam, at that time still working under his birth name Jeroen Cremers.

He is currently represented by the galleries “Vriend van Bavink” in Amsterdam and the “Peer Gallery” in Maastricht. His work has been exhibited in the USA, South Korea, the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK and Macedonia. It was also sold at Christies in 2002 in Amsterdam and shown at Art Basel. Jerry

Kowalsky currently lives and works in Berlin



List of Exhibitions


“The straw that broke the camel’s back”

Odapark, Venray” The Netherlands”



“Wir nennendes Arbeit”

OPERE SCELTE Gallery, Turin, Italie

Group Show


“Events close to crisispoint”

Kleiner Salon, Berlin,Germany

Solo show


“Schall und Rauch”

Kommunale Galerie im Boulevard, Berlin,Germany

Duo show

“Imago Mundi Dutch Collection” 
Benetton Foundation, Treviso, Italy
Group show


“6 voor 6”

Loods 6, Gallery Vriend van Bavink, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Group show



Schaufenster, Berlin,Germany

Group show




“A bad end story”

Musik Brauerei, Berlin,Germany

Group show



Bar Babette Berlin,Germany

Group show


“The Darkrooms”

Project space The Wilner Brauerei, Berlin, Germany

Group show/initiator


“Rotterdam contemporary”

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Presented by Peer Gallery

Art Fair




“Dark matter”

TAC, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Group show


“We are born”

Gallery Vriend van Bavink, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Solo show



“Cherrie tomato pony rider”

Atelier Néerlandais Paris, France

Group show




Schaufenster Berlin, Germany

Group show


“Retro perspective: The range of the eye”

Vriend van Bavink Gallery the Netherlands

Group show



Rai Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Presented by Gallery Vriend van Bavink

Art Fair



St. Johannes Evangelist-Church Berlin, Germany

Presented by Gallery Vriend van Bavink

Art Fair


“Rotterdam Contemporary”

Cruise Terminal Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Presented by Peer Gallery

Art Fair




“360minutes art”

Youngeun Hall of the Contemporary Art Museum Seoul , South Korea

Group show


“Incident at the flower shop”

Fine and Raw Bushwick, New York, US

Solo show



Huis met de hoofden Amsterdam, Vriend van Bavink Gallery the Netherlands



“Het Portret”

Peer Gallery Maastricht, the Netherlands




Gallery Vriend van Bavink Amsterdam, the Netherlands




Peer Gallery Maastricht, the Netherlands




“The Illustrated Version” 

Kelderman van Noort, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Groupshow curated by Ronald Dees


“Horse stories” 

Kreuzberg Pavilion, Berlin, Germany




HAFF Hollands Animation Film Festival

Utrecht, the Netherlands

contest for dutch short films


De illustration Bienale 

de Toneelschuur, Haarlem, the Netherlands

group exhibition (Animation)



The T Room Galery

Berlijn, Germany




Broedplaats Jongens van het Dok, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

solo exhibition


Bona Fide Dead Level

The T-Room galery, Berlijn, Germany

Solo exhibition


10 years B32 Overview exhibition + catalogus presentation

B32, Maastricht, the Netherlands

group exhibition curated by Lene ter Haar
Scotty, what about the beamer

CBKU Utrecht

group exhibition curated by Maurice Bogaert



Independent Drawing Gig Final 2008

Volkskrant gebouw,Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Group exhibition curated by Jeroen Cremers and Erik-Jan Ligtvoet


Independent Drawing Gig 4

The Hague , the Netherlands

Group exhibition curated by Erik-Jan Ligtvoey


Independent Drawing Gig 4

The Ghosthouse, Skopje, Macedonia

Group exhibtion curated byVelimir Zernovski



Independent Drawing Gig 3

group exhibition curated by Yane Calovski, Rachel Bacon:

Quartair, The Hague



Presentation D-magazine

group exhibition curated by Yane Calovski

Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht, the Netherlands


Promised Land

Solo exhibition

B32,Maastricht, the Netherlands




Christies Auction house Amsterdam and Jim Beard

group exhibition – Auction

Amsterdam Christies

Christies, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


I can feel their blue hands touching me

Solo exhibition

Traders Pop Gallery Maastricht, the Netherlands



Mama says it’s OK!

Solo exhibition

Hot Red gallery, The Hague




group exhibition

Dominican church, Maastricht, the Netherlands



2001-2002 Art grant FBKVB



Bloom Award 2011




2011 Interview Ideafixa Brasil

2011 Rooms Art Uncoverd Magazine Issue 5

2011 Mr Motley web: We are all people

2010 Catalogus 10 years B32

2004 D Magazine by Yane Calovski

2002 Sold Catalogue by Jim Beard Galery and Christies